Antitrust Policy

Association Antitrust Policy

It is the undeviating policy of the association to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all federal, state and applicable international trade regulations and antitrust laws. Any activities of the association or association-related actions or its staff, members, officers, directors, or chapter officials which violate these regulations and laws are detrimental to the interests of the association and are unequivocally contrary to association policy.

Implementation of Association Antitrust Policy

Association membership directors and committee meetings shall be conducted pursuant to agendas distributed in advance to attendees; discussions shall be limited to agenda items; there shall be no substantive discussions of association matters other than at membership, director and committee meetings; minutes shall be distributed to attendees promptly.

All association activities or discussions shall be avoided which might be construed as tending to a) raise, lower or stabilize prices; b) regulate production; c) allocate markets; d) encourage boycotts; e) foster unfair trade practices; and f) assist monopolization, or in any way violate federal, state or applicable international trade regulations and antitrust laws.

No individual other than the President, whether staff, member, officer, director or chapter official, is authorized to communicate on behalf of the association to any person or firm outside the association except with the explicit, unequivocal approval of the President. No such individual may bind or commit the association to any offer, contracts, policy, program, position, or decision without that approval. And no such individual may hold out himself or herself, or willingly appear to do so, as representing the association, communicating on its behalf or binding or committing the association without that approval.

Association staff, members, officers, directors, or chapter officials who participate in conduct which the Board of Directors, by a two-thirds majority vote, determines to be contrary to the association antitrust compliance policy shall be subject to disciplinary measures up to, and including, termination.



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